Security Consulting Services

An Security Consulting Partner Trusted upon by Leading Organizations Globally

Our services offer a secure pathway to guarding significant infrastructures, in spite of their existing cyber security state.


It’s not a scenario of “If” the company data will be impacted or not; it’s a state of how equipped it will be when the threat arises, and how swiftly it will get better from a system compromise. Any company that deals or has access to confidential data can take benefits of COMPUFY TECHNOLAB cyber security consulting services.

These services offer inclusive optics into a company’s threat settings, helping our clients make informed risk management decisions that enhance defensive posture while also facilitating business leaders to shield core areas that substantiate the most.


Compufy Technolab LLP is one of the leading and acknowledged globally as the top security consulting firm. Our cyber security consulting services assist you in reaching a superior level of security and diminishing threats; whether you are a Startup, SME who has just commenced focusing on IT security, or a security-mature company. We are specialists in several industry benchmarks, including NIST, ISO27001/2, European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, and the CIS Critical Security Controls. Our core Cyber Security Consulting Services include:

  • Security Review & Program Diagnostics
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Unified Endpoint Security
  • Cyber Security Threat Hunting & Management
  • Ransomware Defense & Protection Services
  • Cyber Security Risk Management Framework
  • Managed Cyber Security Services and SOC as a Service

Your Cyber Security Consultant & Partner

Here at Compufy Technolab, we see our teams as more than your consultants and we see ourselves as your technology partner. To make sure that as an IT organization, we thoroughly understand how your business operations are working currently, what enhancements we can offer you, and enable what matters the most to your organization. We are committed to providing you the following services along with security consulting:

  • Gap Analysis and Roadmap
  • Security Assessment, Tracking and Monitoring
  • Cloud, Data Center, and Perimeter Security
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Comprehensive Data Protection


  • Our advisory services are shaped to meet all security project goals in precise time periods.
  • Our teams present and implement customized plans for diverse security stages to enable services across hybrid environments.
  • We offer the right direction to configure systems that trim down cyber threats.
  • Our services fully allow your employees to focus on business goals while we focus on your risk management.
  • We can offer hourly, on-demand, or project-based security consulting right through the year.
  • We have an extensive and deep technical bench, cost-effectiveness, and manage services seamlessly.


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