Staff Augmentation Services

Compufy Technolab’s Staff Augmentation Consulting Services

At Compufy Technolab, we help you hire the technical expertise for your business and projects. We have expert team that understands the skill-sets and the aptitude required to on-board talent matching to your requirement. Compufy Technolab has the best solution and resources to offer you through temporary/contract hiring or building an entire off-shore development center for your business.

Selection process is thoroughly conducted so that candidates with specific experience and knowledge come to you, which helps decrease your business training costs.

We believe in quality and long term partnership. So, is our hiring process be it a single resource or a team.

We understand, analyse and then act upon your needs based on a time schedule.


  • Client-centric model with dedicated teams
  • Domain and skill specific recruiting
  • Highly efficient recruiting engine for speedy recruitment.
  • Consistently achieving high rate of candidate retention, well above industry standards
  • Strong bench strength which allows for quick deployment of resources
  • Active pool of resource to choose from with multiple and varied technology skill sets

Our Process

We also do all the required background checks

and check for aptitude and attitude before

on-boarding talent for your requirements.

Our Focus

We focus on client priorities. We have an active recruiting team

with several years experience that responds to

your staffing needs in a timely fashion.

The Compufy Technolab Solution has the perfect solution to help you hire the best resources for your critical and time-bound projects – Get the best IT staff Augmentation Services with Compufy.

1) Domain Expertise

Outsource work that requires specialized domain expertise without any long-term commitment

2) Team Extensibility

Handpick a team of competent, qualified and professionals whenever you want to ramp-up your projects

3) Cost Effectiveness

Save costs by eliminating the recruitment, human resources, relocation and infrastructural expenses

4) Increased Productivity

Optimize your business and get the work done quickly by staffing qualified professionals who are dedicated at work

5) Workforce Transparency

Manage your team easily and effectively by receiving regular time sheets and weekly work reports